Xanax Street price and Online price comparison

Xanax is an anti-anxiety pill which is prescribed to treat instances of anxiety and panic disorders amongst patients. Xanax may be bought from retail and online pharmacies at varying costs depending on the availability of the drug, dosage, number of pills and so on.

What are the prices of Xanax in online pharmacies?

Xanax is commonly available in 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1mg and 2mg dosages. The prices of the drug depend on the dosage, store chosen and several other factors. In general though, online prices of Xanax are at-least 20%-25% cheaper than the market rates.

With online pharmacies that sell Xanax, you may be able to find a wide variety of dosage ranging from 0.25 up to 2mg. This is due to high volume purchases and sufficient stock of the pills. Customers may be able to find thirty pills of Xanax 1mg for $119, 60 Pills at $229, 90 at $329, 120 at $419 and a 180 at $619. Now if you compare these prices with retail rates you may observe a startling difference, the online pharmacies in spite of delivering better prices, are also able to offer various other services unheard of in the retail space. Customers are able to access online doctors and pharmacists regarding their queries involving Xanax medication and any other drug related information. Moreover they are also able to get the medication delivered to their homes within a two to three week period.

So given that online pharmacies sell Xanax at 25% discount to retail rates, customers also become eligible for their discounts and promotion program. They may be able to strike excellent bargains with discounts sometimes ranging up to 50%. Frequent long term users of Xanax also tend to benefit significantly from online pharmacies, as they may be able to save a fortune off of buying medications online at reputed online distributors.

Let’s compare these prices with retail rates of Xanax

Thirty tablets of Xanax 0.25mg may be bought at $63, 0.5mg at $77 and 1mg $101.04 at CVS Pharmacy. At Kmart the prices are almost similar at $64, $76.5 and $102 respectively. At Publix it is a tad cheaper retailing at $60.48, $75 and $98.88.  The famous pharmacy chain Walgreens retails Xanax at $62.82, $79 and $102 and the same applies to Walmart.

Although they all seem a bit pricey, most customers may be able to avail any discounts or special offers that comes along with it. Retail pharmacy outlets reward frequent customers with bonus points which may be used to reduce prices through discounts, or buy more pills. This is also applicable to those who opt for bulk purchases of Xanax. They may then be able to avail maybe up to 10-15% of their cost depending on the retailer and the frequency and dosages chosen.

Although buying Xanax online may seem lucrative, it is the duty of the customer to perform a due background check verifying the authenticity of the seller and approvals from regional and state pharmacy boards which are required by most sellers marketing FDA approved pills on the website.