Buying Ativan for anxiety: How to reduce your medication cost?

Ativan is used for treating a number of anxiety symptoms. Short-term treatment with Ativan may be easy to manage, but for long-term use of the drug the costs can add up to a huge amount. Being savvy about your medications and how to reduce overall healthcare costs will help you to save more. By bringing down the cost of taking Ativan, you would not have to discontinue the treatment due to the affordability factor. Incorporate a few simple steps and you would be able to get the drug at lower price without it causing you any anxiety.

Tips to cut back on Ativan medication costs

Here are a few ways in which the cost of anti-anxiety medication Ativan can be reduced.

  • Ration out your pills by splitting them. The Ativan pill may be cut two ways or three ways and the supply can be extended for many days. The difference in the cost of Ativan in the same period will be tremendous. Based on the Ativan dosage prescribed for you, choose which splitting method is effective in helping with your health condition.
  • Order a 90-day supply of your prescription instead of a 30-day supply. Instead of going for a prescription refill when the 30-day supply is over, this method will help you to save more. Ensure that your Ativan prescription is made out to be able to get the 90-day supply.
  • Another way would be to look for rebates, discounts and patient assistance programs (PAPs) offered by the drug company.
  • Lorazepam, which is the generic drug used in Ativan, is generally cheaper than the brand. Look for generic options of Ativan and save more with the number of pills bought. When switching to the generic, first order a sample to see if the drug is effective for you or not. Once you find the best Ativan generic for you, you can place the full prescription order. Otherwise, you would be stuck with a large number of Ativan generic pills that are not agreeable for your illness.
  • Inform your doctor that you want to get the generic of Ativan and get the drug prescribed for you. The brand or generic of Ativan would be bioequivalent as they both contain the active ingredient Lorzepam, with the difference being just the price and maybe a few inactive ingredients. Getting the specific Ativan generic prescription will help to place the order online easily and receive the drug you want.
  • Look for online pharmacies that offer Ativan for cheap. Many reliable online drug stores price the anti-anxiety drug to suit the needs of all customers worldwide. Be wary of extremely low prices though as they are most likely to be spam sites.
  • Order the drug from an exclusive Ativan online pharmacy. This way you would be sure to get only the authentic pills at a very low cost, as the drug is sourced directly from the manufacturer. You can also get additional discounts or bonus pills when you refill the Ativan prescription at the same online pharmacy.